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August 2004
Letters, Letters and Letters

Here's a chance for you to contribute.

I feel that there is a lot of confidence back in the side after beating Gillingham away and Forest at home. They were important points to win and a very low stage in our form. If we string a few results together and get back into the promotion places ten a successful season may be back on the cards. However, even if things do pick up, unfortunately we have still dropped valuable points at home to QPR and giving away two goals in the last 8 mins at Coventry.
PS- Whitely and Oster should be dropped.....

Its good to see us putting runs together now and again, we just need to make it more consistent with more wins than draws. Stephen Elliot is becoming an important source for goals, with Lawrence and Whitehead making more positive effects to our performance. Im still a little disappointed about our poor start because if we lived up to higher standards, we could be in Wigan's position.
However, we're on our way!
AJ - Hexham